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Rock Over! Countdown Gala in Cuipingshan Tourist Resort!

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Rock Over! Countdown Gala in Cuipingshan Tourist Resort!

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On the evening of December 31,

“City Light” Xidong New Town Countdown Gala

& “Wuxi Appeal Raising Shopping Tide” New Xishan New Consumption Theme Activity

Inaugurated in Cuipingshan Tourist Resort

Zhou Changqing, Member of the Standing Committee of Wuxi Municipal Committee and Director-General of United Front Department, and Wangxing, Director of Wuxi Municipal Commerce Bureau attended. Zhou Wendong, Secretary of Xishan District, directors like Gu Wenhao, Yan Guoqiang, Xu Yue, Zhang Jinwei, Mao Chen, Bao Haiyan, and Lu Xiaobo also attended.

Activity arrangement

One main meeting place and several branch meeting places.

One main meeting place lied in the south square of Yingyuehu Lake Central Park.

Foiled by the gorgeous light show,

the gala was on.

Guochao dance, hip-hop, mix of TikTok hot songs,

acrobatic, and Chinese folk music show

left deep impression on citizens at the scene.

There was second distribution of vouchers that worth 1 million.

On App Lingxi,

consumers could snap up six kinds of vouchers.

There were nearly 130 cooperators,

including complex, food, retail, and Historic Town of Dangkou.

There were typical coupons for the vaccinated only

in order to encourage people to take the booster shot.

Citizens from Xishan District

that had already took booster shot

would witness three first prizes,

ten second prizes, and two hundred third prizes.

Winners would get 5,000-, 1,000-, and 100-yuan-voucher respectively.

These vouchers, which are for vaccinated people only,

had no threshold.

Many people won super prizes.

Consumers that had used the first distribution of vouchers

won some big prizes.

Surprisingly, the special prize is

one Sunra electric vehicle.


there were two big gifts for health check supported by

Zhenhe Health, which were worthy of over 10 million yuan.

Super prizes also included 5 Yadea electric vehicles,

and 10 coupons for 1,000 yuan offered by Hongdou.

Last few hours in 2021

are filled with the great atmosphere of the countdown gala.

Let’s cheer for the beauty New Town tonight!

Innovation Lighten the Town

Drones performed high above the night sky in Xidong New Town,

showing people the integration of beauty and science.

Each drone kept changing its position to form different shapes.

Such innovative and amazing performance feasted citizens’ eyes.

Such feast made Xidong New Town the brightest pearl of Xishan District in the night.

On New Year’s eve,

strolling along the Yingyuehu Lake Central Park

and enjoying over 10-meter-long spring dancing with music,

citizens were so intoxicated by the beautiful scene

that they kept taking photos of this New Town.

Science and Technology in Life

The activity scene witnesses

the launching ceremony of Xidong New Town auto-drive bus.

The bus aims at promoting the application of new technology

and solving the last kilometer problem for citizens.

By now, Business district has launched

3 routes and five stops,

covering many neighborhoods in Xidong New Town.

From 1 January, every citizen can make appointment and take the bus personally.

The auto-drive bus offers secure and intelligent public traffic experience for citizens.

Auto-drive bus has already become one part of citizens’ lives.

Wonderful Life of Culture and Travel

Lander Sports Park and Jiulicang Light Culture and Tourism District

also displayed themselves at the scene.

As the vice-center of the city,

Xidong New Town implement the strategy of “new economy, new center”.

Specialties, services, and quality of the city are improving.

Xidong New Town’s already become an important part

for connecting peripheral cities

and helping Wuxi come up with the speed of the integrated regional development of the Yangtze River Delta.

In this new year time, we wish our country peace and prosper. We wish every Chinese people can make their dreams come true.

Wonderful ICAF, Welcoming fans of Cuipingshan Tourist Resort

On 10 December

The 11th Wuxi ICAF

held a grand opening ceremony in Taihu International Expo Center

Excellent cultural units and enterprises

came to enjoy the fair.

It was the third time that

Cuipingshan Tourist Resort participated in ICAF.

This time, 3.0 version of the exhibition hall was a totally new one.

Frontier contents along with dynamic and static way of exhibition

attracted many visitors.

Blue, Green, and Orange, Colorful Scroll Picturing Cultural Industry

The Qingshan Tourism and Resort exhibition area at the exhibition site had a prominent style. With blue, green, and orange as three main colors, the entire exhibition area used unique floral scene as collocation. Inside were cultural and creative products that were unique and fashionable. All these elements made our exhibition area eye-catching at the scene, even among other wonderful exhibition areas.

Blue represents modern, science, and innovation

Green represents nature, economy, and life

Orange represents vibrancy

The organic linkage of the three colors not only depicts the beautiful picture of Cuiping Tourism Resort’s blue and green interweaving, the integration of water and city, and the livability and industry, but also abstractly shows that the resort relies on the development of the New Town to “integrate the city and travel, and share resources between the host and guests”. These colors also feature the theme of mountains and agricultural culture and tourism, forming a realistic state of the tourism resource system of "mountains surrounded by water, cities hidden in paintings".

The Immersive Cultural Experience at Exhibition Site Attracted People

A melodious violin performance made the audience feel the romance of the music, and also established a relaxed and leisure atmosphere in the resort exhibition area.

On the site of the exhibition area, the resort brought cultural tourism benefits to the people to the extreme. 500,000 cultural tourism consumption coupons were distributed on the spot, which can be used by everyone both online and offline. There were more than 300 participating merchants. Citizens took out mobile phone, eagerly grabbing it. Many citizens had purchased cultural and creative products at a low price through no-threshold coupons, boasting "affordable". The distribution of welfare benefits had also made the resort exhibition area a popular exhibition area today.

A group of high-quality cultural and creative enterprises represented by Phoenix Mountain Jinning Cultural Tourism "Athletes" also actively participated in this cultural expo. They interacted with citizens through wonderful activities such as flower arrangement and hand-brewed coffee. Citizens who came to experience assembled endless stream.

The art of flower arrangement "blooms" at the Expo. Through the skillful hands of flower masters, the audience can feel the beautiful style brought by this art. The characteristic green plants and flowers show the new development background of the resort with green as the background color, and also let the audience feel the unique charm of “the distant place of poetry, the hometown of dreams”. The cool extreme sports mountain bikes attracted trendy Internet celebrities, and the innovative cultural tourism experience shined at the expo.

Unique Charm, Cultural Tourism IP Becomes the “C position” in 2021

To enhance the brand added value of the exhibition area of the Expo Resort Area, highlight the important value of the integration of culture and tourism to the development of the city and the satisfaction of the citizens' good life, the cultural and tourism brand with independent copyright IP - Jiulicang Light Culture and Tourism District made a key display on the spot.

As a key cultural tourism project in Jiangsu Province, Jiulicang Cultural Tourism District integrates street culture, two-dimensional, independent copyright IP, light show, high technology, big data application and business incubation, etc. It is a collection of theater, boutique hotel, trendy entertainment, characteristic Catering is equal to a new urban cross-border light cultural tourism block complex. It turned out to be a new home for local and urban players in the Yangtze River Delta region.

"Cultural Tourism +" outlines a beautiful blueprint for the Cuipingshan Tourist Resort, where all the citizens share a beautiful era. At the same time, the international comprehensive cultural industry display platform offered by the Expo achieved the effect of helping the enterprises in the Cuipingshan Tourist Resort to expand their business, launch the corporate brand and comprehensively display the achievements of the cultural and tourism integration of the resort.

In the next stage, the construction of five-star hotels in the resort will be accelerated. The construction of Xilin Garden will started soon, and the Lander Sports Park will be completed and put into operation in the first half of next year. The spatial structure of one center and three barriers will be comprehensively promoted, and the landscape pattern of "one town, three mountains, five lakes and ten scenes" will be created. Cuipingshan Tourism Resort strives to build a multi-functional tourist resort destination with business vacation and agricultural experience functions as its core. It is based on ecological leisure functions, and supported by sports entertainment, health care, cultural experience, flower leisure, creative industries and other functions.

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